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I have a history with Waterfall Club. The course was almost not built when a leading golf course architect told the owner of the property that there was no way a golf course could be built on this property. Scott W. Pool didn't agree, and he designed a wonderfully scenic and totally scary beauty of a golf course just above Lake Burton in the North Georgia mountains. In 2006, because I was building a new web site for Scott, I took some shots of this wonderful property. My only qualification was that I had a camera. Looking back, it's hard to believe the images I got were enough to encourage me to continue shooting golf courses.
In 2015, once I had some experience under my belt, the club hired me to do a real photo shoot, and it was a joy! One of the highlights of my career.
In 2020, when the club hired golf course architect, Bill Bergin, to do a renovation they contacted me to say that when the reno was completed, they wanted me to photograph it once again. Color me very happy! So, in July of 2021 I had the pleasure of spending some quality time on one of my favorite golf properties on the planet. These images are the result.