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One of the many charming things about Hong Kong Golf Club is its relationship with the surrounding indigenous villages. Each morning, very early, the golf course is visited by dozens of locals who have free rein to hit golf balls as part of their morning routine. They don't actually play golf. They carry one club and one ball, and just hit the ball, follow it, hit it again and on and on. They don't even necessarily play in the right direction. Or even along the length of the fairways. They're just exercising.
Then, around 3pm, the local villagers who've managed to get themselves on "The List" are allowed to play all the golf they want, on The Old Course. The List consists of about 800 people, I believe, and it's a coveted position because of this freedom to play golf on this wonderful property. Everyone's friendly, happy, and it speaks very well of the club's local outreach.