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Utah is, in my opinion, the most beautiful state in the Union, and they really do their state parks well. When my wife had a one year consulting job with a Utah school in 2012, I somehow managed to create a project to provide new photos of all the parks for Utah State Parks. A dream gig.
I didn't manage to capture images in all the state's 43 state parks before we left, but this gallery contains some of my favorites from this project. Utah's state parks offer a wide range of memorable experiences, from uniquely beautiful landscapes to thoughtful examinations of the colorful history of this beautiful state. If you're ever in the Mountain West, make Utah one of your "Must See's".
Pterodactyl in outside display area at the Utah Field House of Natural History Museum, in Vernal, Utah.Steinaker_09Scary dinosaur rushing towards viewer, with dramatic clouds in Vernal, Utah at the Utah Field House of Natural History.