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I lived in Utah for a year, in 2011-2012, and traveled the state extensively, shooting landscape images of this amazing state obsessively. Shortly before we left Utah, I moved from my trusty Nikon D90 to a new Nikon D800. Naturally, moving from the 12 megapixel D90 to the 36 megapixel D800, I stopped processing any of the hundreds of images I shot, just prior to upgrading cameras. Lately, though, I've been looking thru those older landscape images, and I've found many that I'm very pleased with. It appears that creating a quality image is more than simply using the best available technology. And while these images will not stand up to the extreme enlargements for printing that images from the D800 or from my current D810 handle with ease, for web sites and smaller prints, these images work beautifully.
SoutheastUtah_02-Edit-Edit copyCrumblingInUtah02 copySoutheastUtah_09-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_15 copySoutheastUtah_10-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_03-Edit-Edit copyTrainInBlackCanyon05 copySoutheastUtah_11-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_04-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_08CrumblingInUtah01 copySoutheastUtah_14 copySoutheastUtah_05-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_12-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_01-Edit-Edit copySoutheastUtah_13-Edit-Edit copyTrainInBlackCanyon04 copySoutheastUtah_16 copy