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Tiburón Golf Club
This Troon-managed facility is doing quite nicely at offering a great product to all kinds of golfers.

It's a Resort Course.

As part of the Ritz Carlton resort, Tiburón offers resort guests two world class, Greg Norman designed golf courses. So folks vacationing in South Florida's premier golf destination can enjoy the kind of golf normally afforded only to members of exclusive clubs.

It's a Private Club.

Troon has come up with an ingenious way to offer a quality, private club experience to its members by reserving play on one of its two courses for members each day. The course that's available to members reverses each day, so members have access to both courses, while still having the luxury of playing a great course that's not backed up with heavy play.

It's a Public Course.

Local golfers or visitors to Naples also have access to Tiburón, without having to stay at the Ritz Carlton or being members of the club. Public golf is available each day on the course not designated as Private that day. The only restriction is that golfers teeing off before noon must use caddies. So, with caddy fees and green fees, it's not necessarily a cheap round of golf, but the value is there.
Tiburon_Black10_SunriseD_1-17Tiburon_Black10_SunriseF_1-17Tiburon_Black11_Sunrise_1-17Tiburon_ClubhouseAndRC-Ext-PanoC_1-17Tiburon_ClubhouseAndRC-Ext-PanoE_1-17Tiburon_ClubhouseAndRC-Ext-PanoG_1-17Tiburon_Gold_04B_1-17Tiburon_Gold_05A_1-17Sunrise at the 5th Hole, Tiburón Golf Club, Naples, FloridaTiburon_Gold_05B_1-17Tiburon_Gold_05D_1-17Tiburon_Gold_05E_1-17Tiburon_Gold_05F_1-17Tiburon_Gold_06A_1-17Tiburon_Gold_06B_1-17Tiburon_Gold_08B_1-17Tiburon_Gold_09A_1-17Tiburon_Gold_09D_1-17Tiburon_Gold_10A_1-17Tiburon_Gold_15C_1-17