Dave Sansom Photography | The Golf Sport
The Golf Sport is a new golf lifestyle magazine published by Ryan Stalvey and Josh Wolfe. There is a feature in each issue, called The Course, that features 3 golf course photographs... a full two page spread of each. Previously, they had featured images from three different photographers in each issue, but in the June/July 2014 issue they featured 3 of my photos. The next issue returned to the "3 photographer" format, but 3 of my photos will again be featured in the October/November issue.
Blueberry Plantation - June/July 2014Liberty National Golf Club - June/July 2014Mountain Dell, Canyon Course - June/July 2014The Golf Sport, June-July 2014Wingpointe Golf Course - October/November 2014Highlands Falls Country Club - October/November 2014Heritage Golf Links - October/November 2014GolfSportCover_0ct-Nov2014YishanYinhongGolf Sport Issue 7 Cover bigger 8