If you’re in a hurry, then Quick Takes is a great place to start. You can quickly browse thru a small selection of photographs of three categories. Golf Courses is a small sampling of my core business. In this gallery there are public and private courses, international courses, courses in the mountains, on the ocean and in cities. My Architecture photography is usually a part of my golf course work, but there are also some surprises in this gallery. If you prefer natural environs, then Landscapes is the place to begin your visit.

At heart, I’m a landscape photographer, so I sincerely hope you’ll take at least a moment to look thru my landscape photography. From Hong Kong to Iceland and across the beautiful USA, I’m always on the lookout for God’s beauty. It’s everywhere. From a forest in Hong Kong’s New Territories to the glaciers and mountains of Iceland, it’s a wonderful world, and I’m very fortunate to be able to share at least a little of what I see as I ply my trade!
So take a few minutes to get an overview of my work. These three galleries are the best... and most efficient... way to see what I'm up to. Dive in. And see what an old guy with a camera is doing to keep himself busy!
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