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A unique kind of image I produce when appropriate is a grand panorama. The images in this gallery are not simply alternative crops of single images, but rather are very large images, created by assembling multiple images into a single, very wide composition. A NOTE:These panoramas are assemblages of sometimes up to 8 or 10 separate images... to create a huge photograph. At native size, these images are from 16" to 24” high, with some being as wide as 120". And that's with no enlargement!
Not every club offers a great panoramic opportunity, but some, like Kapalua, East Lake Golf Club and Tiburón Golf Club can't be properly photographed without capturing panoramas.
Of particular note is that these images can be enlarged to enormous sizes with no loss of quality. There is one of my images of East Lake Golf Club in The Atlanta History Center's Bobby Jones Exhibit that covers a 14 foot wall, and a law firm in Virginia Beach that built a "Man Cave" in their office featuring one of my panoramas of Kapalua, covering a 30 foot wall!