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I'm so amazed at the talent that came from all over the world to play in the 2012 USGA Publinks Championship, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take some shots of these terrific players doing what they do. Full disclosure... I'm not a sports photographer. The bulk of my work consists of landscapes and golf course photography, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to shoot some of the people who make the game of golf so interesting. If you're a player, a parent of a player, a caddy or an interested spectator who would like a photo or two, please contact me for rates and licensing information at [email protected] If the photos you want are for personal use, there is no charge. If you have a commercial application in mind, my rates are very affordable. Just ask for a rate sheet. If you would like a print made, I print photos up to 12X18 in my studio at very competitive rates. Just drop me an email with the filename and I'll get your photo out as quickly as I can. Dave Sansom
Dawn at the 2012 USGA Public Links Championship finds many players warming up and practicing their putting strokes.