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The maintenance staff at the 2012 Publinks did amazing work, both prior to and during the event. The Soldier Hollow staff was augmented during the tournament by maintenance staff and superintendents from courses as far away as Salt Lake City, and from what I could tell, a good time was had by all! On the afternoon / evening of the 12th, I was privileged to get out on the course with the crew to document some of their efforts. I had more fun than you can imagine, surrounded by a great team of dedicated pros, doing what they love... playing with some pretty cool toys! If you were involved in this effort, please feel free to download any and all images you wish from this or the other public galleries of the Publinks on this site. If you're doing so for your personal use... your Facebook page, your web site or whatever... there is no charge. If you are thinking of having a print made of an image, please consider having me provide you with a signed/dated print. It's not required, naturally, but available if you choose. I print photos up to 12X18 in my studio and can offer them to you at very competitive rates. If you have any potential commercial applications, though, please contact me at [email protected] for licensing rates and procedures. Dave Sansom