Dave Sansom Photography | 2012 USGA Publinks - Scenics
The vast majority of the images in this gallery are only slightly corrected from the original raw file. This is a departure for me. Most of my work consists of HDR photography... multiple exposures of the same image, blended together to bring out a depth and detail simply not possible with a single image. The number of images I shot during the Publinks, though, makes it pretty much impossible to treat each image in this manner and still get anything posted for folks who attended the event to view in a reasonable time frame. This collection will continue to grow over the next month or so, and I'll be adding many multi-exposure HDR images in that time. I have some that I'm extremely excited about, so I hope you'll return in the coming weeks to check them out. In the meantime, the few images in this collection that have my usual HDR treatment are the files that begin with "SH_Gold...". I hope you like the collection and hope you'll return soon.