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It was a privilege to be associated with the team that published Atlanta Country Club's 50th Anniversary Book. I've photographed ACC regularly over the past few years, and I'm pleased that my images were included.
Three years ago, Bob Hart, the club member in charge of the golf segment of the 50th anniversary book, approached me with a request to use some of my golf course photographs of this beautiful golf course. Atlanta Country Club is sort of my photographic home course. I sold my first golf course photograph at ACC, they sell framed prints of my images in the Pro Shop and my photos are all over the club's web site, so I was an easy sale! Little did I know that the project was only just beginning, and that I'd be on the course many times in the next few years, trying to capture exactly the images that the committee wanted! Along with two images of each of the course's 18 holes, my photographs of the golf course are used on the title pages for each chapter, and are sprinkled throughout the book.
This gallery consists of only those pages that include my photos. The book, itself, is over 200 pages long, so I hope you will forgive me for not publishing the entire publication on this web site.