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Indian Wells Golf Resort is a highly regarded facility just outside Palm Springs, California, in Indian Wells. They have two 18 hole courses, Celebrity and Players.
I was hired to photograph this wonderful facility in January of 2023. I photographed both courses, along with a bit of architecture. Two things were unusual about the photo shoot that made it an exceptional experience that yielded some of my best work ever. First, during the first 48 hours I was there, it rained a lot in the valley, and snowed in the big mountains in the distance. And second, inspired by the snow-covered mountains, I used a 400mm lens for the first time on a golf course shoot and expanded the impact of the gorgeous snow-covered backdrop. The results are stunning.
Indian Wells Clubhouse Interior 1_WebReadyIndian Wells Clubhouse Interior 3_WebReadyIndian Wells Golf Shop 1_WebReadyIndian Wells Golf Shop 3_WebReadyIndian Wells Golf Shop 5_WebReadyIndian Wells Vue 3_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_01A_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_01B_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_02A_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_02C_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_03A_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_03B_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_03D_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_04C_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_04D_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_04E_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_04F_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_05B-Pano_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_05C_1-23_WebReadyIndianWells-Celebrity_05D_1-23_WebReady