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Bob Cupp was one of the great golf course architects of our time. But he was much more. He was a singer, a furniture maker, a blacksmith, an author and a dedicated family man. He was also a very close friend, and though I only knew him for a few years before he passed, I loved him like a brother. A better-looking, smarter and more successful brother, but a brother nonetheless.
We met thru our work. When I photograph a golf course, once I learn who the designer is, I normally reach out to introduce myself and offer images to that designer for his portfolio. It's my way of saying "Thank you" to the folks whose work I admire, and whose work keeps me employed. And that was the way I met Bob. I had photographed Liberty National Golf Club, in New Jersey for the PGA Tour, prior to the 2012 Barclays Championship, and the following year I photographed Horseshoe Bend, in Roswell, Georgia. There was something lyrical about Bob's design work... there was an art to it that was uniquely his... so I contacted him to make my usual offer. In return I received an incredible letter, complimenting my work profusely, and comparing my work to that of his brother, who was a world famous photo journalist who had passed away a couple of years before.
Over the few years I knew Bob, we became very close. He introduced me to many influential folks in Atlanta and in the golf community beyond, including Marty Elgison and Chuck Palmer, the gentlemen heading up the new Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation. As a result of that introduction, I've been documenting the new, Bob Cupp-designed Bobby Jones Golf Course since prior to the groundbreaking. Unfortunately, Bob didn't live to see his final project begin, but his son, Bobby, has carried on with this stellar, reversible nine-hole course.
In August of 2017, Bob passed, as a result of pancreatic cancer. He is sincerely missed, but his work lives on. Here are some of my favorite images of Bob Cupp golf courses.
Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, GA - 18th Hole and ClubhouseLNGC_14A_7-13Bobby Jones Golf Course, AtlantaHSB_01B_6-16-Edit-EditLNGC_Clubhouse-18D_7-13Bobby Jones Golf Course, AtlantaDruid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, GA - 11th HoleHSB_09I_6-16-Edit-EditGreystone Golf & Country Club, Founders Course, Birmingham, AL - 9th HoleBobby Jones Golf Course, AtlantaHSB_18B_6-16-Edit-EditLNGC_17A_7-13Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, GA - 11th HoleBobby Jones Golf Course, AtlantaHSB_18D_6-16-Edit-EditGCOG_Lake_12D_6-15-Edit-EditBobby Jones Golf Course, AtlantaLNGC_15G_7-13HSB_09A_6-16-Edit-EditGreystone Golf & Country Club, Founders Course, Birmingham, AL - 7th Hole