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In the summer of 2015, my wife and I did the unthinkable. We took a 3 week trip to the coast of Maine on a trip that had nothing to do with golf course photography! It had everything to do with photography... I've wanted to photograph the coast of Maine for years... but nothing to do with golf courses. Given that fact, I came home with thousands of images. So far, I've edited only a small percentage of what I shot, so more images are on the way!
Maine_SawmillCreekBridge01_9-15-Edit copy27X18Maine_SchoodicPoint07_9-15 copy copy1_ForWebsiteMaine_DeadTree02Maine_DawnOnTheRocks_05Southwest Harbor 01MtDessertCoastline_03-Edit-Edit-EditMaine_SchoodicPoint06_9-15-Edit copy1_ForWebsiteBarHarborWalkover02MtDessertCoastline_09-Edit-Edit-EditMaine_DawnOnTheRocks_02Maine_SchoodicPoint01_9-15 copy-Edit copy1_ForWebsiteMaine2015_NewBrunswick-FundyNatlPark01MOD-9-15 copy27X18Maine_AcadiaHarbor02_9-15_WebReadyMaine_DawnOnTheRocks_04Maine_DeadTree01Maine_SchoodicPoint08_9-15_WebReadyMaine_SchoodicPoint03_9-15 copy-Edit copy1_ForWebsiteBassHarborLight_01-EditCadillacLateDayPano_03-CroppedBarIslandWalkover03