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The Ledges is one of those golf properties that is so unique and special that I just can't get enough of it. Designed by Hurdzan Fry Golf Course Design, The Ledges sits at the top of the highest mountain in the Huntsville, Alabama area. It's a gorgeous property, and one I can never get enough of.
TheLedges_14A-Sunrise_10-21Ledges_18B_08-18TheLedges_10A_10-21Ledges_Aerial09_08-18Ledges_18A_08-18Ledges_Aerial05_08-18TheLedges_01A_10-21TheLedges_03B_10-21TheLedges_05B_10-21TheLedges_05C_10-21TheLedges_09B_10-21TL_6-11_16A3TheLedges_13B_10-21TheLedges_18A_10-21TL_10-11_12ALedges_08-PanoA_08-18Ledges_Aerial08_08-18Ledges_14A_08-18The Ledges, Huntsville, AL - 13th HoleLedges_09A_08-18