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In the late summer of 2018, my wife and I traveled to Iceland, primarily for me to photograph the otherworldly landscapes. I managed to get hired by 3 Icelandic golf courses before we left the USA, though, so I had some business to attend to before I could dig in and do what I had come for.
Unfortunately, the retinal in my right eye had other ideas, and after I had finished the third course, Akureyri Golf Club in the far north of Iceland, my retina detached. It had been getting worse and I knew it was in the process of happening, based on my ongoing conversations with my good friend and ophthalmologist, Dr. Elliot Levine, in Atlanta. But when it got so bad that he called me in Iceland to say "Stop what you're doing", I listened and we flew to Boston for emergency surgery.
Consequently, my collection of landscapes in Iceland is currently a bit lighter than I had hoped. I'll be returning this June, however, so that problem will be rectified in the near future!
Iceland_Godafoss01_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Snef_Kirkjufellsfoss01-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Dettifoss01_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_SnaefellsnessVillage01_08-18-Edit-2_WebReadyIceland_Bjarnarfoss_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Godafoss02_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_DjupavikFishingBoat01-Edit-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Farmland01_08-18_WebReadyIceland_SnaefellsnessVillage02_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Farmland02_08-18-Edit-2_WebReadyIceland_Godafoss06_08-18 copy2-Edit-Edit_WebReadyIceland_RoadToDjupavik_CabinOnFjord_09-18-Edit-Edit_WebReadyIceland_HistoricSettlement01_08-18-Edit-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Fjordside01_08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Waterrfall02-08-18-Edit_WebReadyIceland_FjordWithPurpleFlower_08-18_WebReadyIceland_FrostHeave2018_WebReadyIceland_Godafoss04_08-18 copy-Edit-Edit_WebReadyIceland_Mordor01_08-18_WebReady2018-11-27 12-41-18 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4)-Edit_WebReady