Dave Sansom offers Golf Course Photography & Golfing Landscape Photos being a Golfing Resort Course Photographer servicing across the USA.
Golf course photography is my specialty, and I love it. This wonderful work takes me across the USA, to Asia and to Iceland… so far. I love pushing the boundaries, so I expect to expand my reach farther into Europe and into the Middle East in the coming years.

Whether the goal of my client is to build membership, increase rounds played or draw more visitors from around the world, my job as a golf course photographer is to share an experience… a singular moment that captures a viewer’s imagination. I view photography as a visceral, powerful form of story telling.

The two "Best Of" links on this page feature my favorite images from the past two years. It’s important, if you’re considering hiring a professional to capture new images of your property, for you to see current work. My Downloadable Portfolio, as well, features only images from very recent photo shoots for this same reason.

If you visit the individual galleries accessed via "Private Clubs" and “Public Golf Courses", you’ll see older images, as well as current ones, organized by individual clubs and courses. These individual club galleries, while not the complete packages I provide my clients for review and selection, will still give you a sense of the kind of collections I provide to clubs around the world.

"Panoramas" features a special set of panoramic images. These images are up to 27 inches high by 100 inches wide... native size, without enlargement... so the detail, even in very large prints, is amazing. Not all golf courses offer panoramic opportunities, but some, like Kapalua, East Lake Golf Club and two of the courses I shot last year in Iceland, can't be properly photographed without the use of this technique.

So sit back, relax. And spend as much or as little time as you wish, exploring golf courses of all types, from places you’ve been and places you should go.
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