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During my stay at Hong Kong Golf Club, Gary Player dropped in... first for a morning golf outing with the Captain of the club and later to give a presentation to local junior golfers. It had not been in the plans, but when arrangements were made for the visit, Ian Gardner, the club's GM, asked if I'd mind taking a few shots. Really?! He had to ask? As it turned out, it was a great day. I spent a good bit of time with Gary, some of it taking photos and some of it just talking, including dinner at a fabulous restaurant owned by the club's captain with Gary, his. wife, Vivian, Ian Gardner and his wife and the club's head golf pro. Gary Player is some kind of man. 1500 sit-ups every day (he was 82 at the time) and 100 pushups. And he never slows down. More energy than any human I've ever met! And a very nice guy to boot.