DAVE SANSOM - Golf Course Photographer
Considered by many in the golf industry to be one of the top golf course photographers in the world, Dave is addicted to photography, and does not limit himself to taking pictures of golf courses. Often as part of his golf course work, he is asked to do architecture photography, and on occasion is hired strictly to shoot architecture and lifestyle images.
When not photographing golf courses or architecture, though, Dave spends as much time as possible capturing landscape images. On most golf course photo trips, he finds time to take landscapes, and vacations with his wife are always dedicated to landscape photography.
This web site contains hundreds of images of golf courses, architecture... both historic and modern... landscapes and more. If you're interested in hiring a golf course photographer, there is ample material on the web site to help with your decision-making process. Or if you're simply interested in spending som time exploring a wide variety of subject matter, there i much to keep you busy. Please spend as much or as little time as you wish. And we hope you enjoy yourself.