I've been to Asia twice to photograph golf courses, and sincerely hope to travel there again. My first trip was in 2014, when I photographed two wonderful courses designed by golf course architect, Rick Robbins. Rick had teased me for years, saying he was trying to convince his clients to hire me, but nothing happened until one day in the fall of 2014, when he called to say, "I finally have a client who wants you to photograph his course. How soon can you get here?" Two weeks later, I touched down in Beijing to photograph Yinhong No. 6, at Yintai Hongeye Golf Club. It was a magical trip. Nobody spoke English, so for almost two weeks I got by on pantomime, laughter and hand signals. It was great fun, and both courses I photographed were wonderful.
My second trip was in 2017, when the General Manager of Hong Kong Golf Club contacted me, asking if I would be interested in coming to Hong Kong to photograph their 3 18-hole courses at Fanling and the 9 hole property at Deep Water Bay. There were challenges to this shoot, mostly the fact that it was the rainy season and the maintenance staff was doing their heavy, annual maintenance, but the end result was a great collection of images from one of the world's great golf clubs.
Hong Kong GOLF CLUBYinhong No. 6, BeijingYishan Golf Club, Wuhan