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The northernmost 18 hole golf course in the world, Akureyri Golf Club sits on a fjord in the far northern part of Iceland. I had heard that one could see the Arctic Circle from the course, but when I was getting my first ride-around with Steindor Ragnarsson, the club's GM, he kind of downplayed the concept. However you look at it, it's pretty far north. I was there in August and there was fresh snow on the nearby mountains.
If you find yourself in Iceland in June, you may want to sign up for The Arctic Open, an annual event that features, among other things, midnight golf!
Akureyri_Aerial02_8-18Akureyri Golf Club, Akureyri, Iceland - 10th holeAkureyri Golf Club, Akureyri, Iceland - 7th TeeAkureyri Golf Club, Akureyri, IcelandAkureyri Golf Club, Akureyri, Iceland - 12th HoleAkureyri Golf Club, Akureyri, Iceland - Aerial