I photograph golf courses for a very simple reason. I’m a fan of courses of all kinds: public, private, old golf courses and new, coastal, mountain, parkland…There’s no place I’d rather be. My goal is to display the respect each course deserves by providing my clients with my best efforts, and ultimately, my best work.

Becoming a relatively successful photographer has been a long and winding road. I’ve always worked as a creative, but in a variety of forms. From selling leather goods and later, furniture, at arts and craft fairs in the late 60’s and early 70’s… to recording two albums as songwriter and lead singer in rock band, Ziggurat in the early 80’s, I’ve been around the block. But photography is my happy place. I love every aspect of this work… the equipment, the travel, the people I work with, the long hours in the field… and I love editing the images I’ve captured. I thrive on the daily learning and I especially enjoy developing new skills by making mistakes. It’s all part of the journey… and the joy… of creative growth. Completing a great photograph, or a great photo collection is only the payoff.  

My becoming a golf course photographer was all a happy accident; one that developed thru the support and assistance I received from two good friends who were in the golf business. One, Tom Brown, now retired, is a legendary golf rep who generously opened many doors for me. He introduced me to his friends and clients, helping me set up several early photo shoots at some great golf clubs in the Southeast. His encouragement and friendship have been invaluable. The second, Scott Pool, was a Pete Dye protege and golf course designer when he hired me to build two web sites… one for his course design business and the other for GreenScan 3D, his Lidar scanning service for golf courses. While building those web sites, I photographed 4 of Scott’s 5 courses. My qualifications? I had a camera. That was it. I have no idea why Scott trusted me to photograph his courses, but I loved doing it, and I was hooked! 

Since then, golf course photography has taken me to places I may not have visited if not for my work. In 2014, golf course architect, Rick Robbins. called to say he had two clients in China who wanted me to photograph their properties. One was in Beijing… the other in Wuhan… yes, THAT Wuhan. I saw no bats! In 2017 I was hired to photograph all 4 courses of The Hong Kong Golf Club. At my daily dawn setup location on the 7th tee of The Eden Course, I saw LOTS of bats. And mosquitoes! In 2018, I planned a landscape photography trip to Iceland and while doing my research, I discovered that there are more golf courses per capita in Iceland than in any other country in the world. So I reached out to several courses in the areas we planned to visit and 3 courses hired me. I managed to complete those photo shoots, but a retinal detachment in my left eye necessitated an emergency flight home to the US and cut the trip short. There was still much of Iceland to see, however, so we returned in 2019 when, along with the glorious landscapes of Iceland, I photographed another course in the Reykjavik area. In 2022, Grupo Piñero, a Spanish hospitality company, hired me to photograph two of their resorts in the Caribbean… PGA Oceans 4, in The Dominican Republic and PGA Riviera Maya, near Tulum, Mexico. Both were fantastic projects. I’m anxious to see what new opportunities will present themselves in the future!