MAGICAL TRANSTIONS - Sunrises and Sunsets from across the USA and beyond
I'm happiest when I'm in place for a photo shoot - whether on a golf course or in a national park - when the day is beginning. Sunrise is as fresh as it gets, and no time of day is more beautiful. The only time of day that comes close is that transition period at the end of the day.

I'm an early morning person, so the vast majority of these images are sunrises. But when I manage to stay out and about later in the day, I always have my eyes open for a great sunset. Nothing beats that magical transition from night to day or day to night. It's magical. And it's my favorite time to shoot.
Tiburon_Gold_05A_1-17Providence Country Club, Charlotte, NCLonelyTree_PanoCompBillBaggs_Beach01-EditTiburon_Black11_Sunrise_1-17HaleakalaDawn01_Edit-Edit-Edit5th Hole, Ambiente CourseBillBaggs_Beach03-MODDawn on the 9th, WingPointe, Salt Lake City, UtahTiburon_Gold_05D_1-17Sunrise on the 5thSouthwest Harbor 01Liberty National SunriseTiburon_Gold_05F_1-17Dead Horse Point, UtahClouds at DawnProvidence Country Club, Charlotte, NCBillBaggs_Beach06-EditTiburon_Gold_05B_1-17Dawn on the 1st Green