Dave Sansom's photography studioPhoto CentralThis is where I spend my life, when I'm not on the road, capturing images. Great equipment doesn't guarantee great photographs.  But great equipment in the hands of an experienced, professional photographer can create opportunities for great photographs.  Years ago, when I decided that this work was what I wanted to do, I made a commitment to obtain the best tools available for the kind of work I do.  My theory was that I  simply did not want to blame my mistakes on having 2nd rate equipment.  If I fail to take good photographs, it's on me. 

I'm a Nikon guy.  I shoot with what I believe to be the finest DSLR on the market, the Nikon D810.  My glass is also all Nikon... or more correctly, Nikkor.  For wide angle shooting I use the Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8.  For longer shots, I use the Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8.  And my workhorse is the classic Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens.  I carry 2 D810 bodies when I'm shooting, with the two lenses I expect to use most mounted and ready to go.

Since I'm essentially a landscape shooter, I almost always shoot from a tripod, and again, I have what I consider to be the best on the market, the Really Right Stuff TVC-3X tripod and BH-55 Ball Head.  This combo is rock-steady.  I have always shot from a tripod, but I was stunned by the difference in sharpness in my images when I changed to my RRS setup. 

I also have some specialized accessories for panorama shooting and for long exposure shooting, as well as a cable release, so I can keep my hands off my camera, another necessary technique to ensure maximum sharpness in my images. 

On the road, I carry a Macbook Air and a 1TB external drive for temporary image storage.  I keep two sets of images... one set on the Macbook Air and one on the external drive.  I believe in redundance!

In the studio I currently work on an iMac 27" computer, customized with two internal, 1TB Solid State drives.  For storing the massive number of images in my archive, I have a 20TB Drobo.  This is essentially a storage drive, and except for rare occasions when I may choose to work on a single image, it is never used as a working drive.