New Golf Course Shooting Packages Added

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New Shooting Packages and Pricing Options

This Fall I’m adding 2 new shooting packages to make professional images of your golf course more affordable and simpler to obtain.   Along with these new shooting packages, I’m also offering two ways to purchase your images.  1.) A money-saving Flat Fee option and 2.) A risk-free See Before You Buy option. 14th Hole, Liberty National Golf ClubLiberty National Golf Club, Jersey City, New Jersey - 14th HoleThis comped panoramic of the Par 3 14th at Liberty National has it all... A beautiful golf hole, Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty.

Here’s How The Three Packages Work

The fees laid out in the chart below grant you unlimited, non-exclusive… and permanent… use of the images you purchase.  In other words, while you do not own the copyrights for the images, you may do anything you wish with them.  For each package, note the number of images I will provide.  This number is a minimum only, and your total may be greater.  And finally, for each package there are two purchase options… a “Flat Fee Buyout” option and a “See Before You Buy” option.

Flat Fee Buyout

This option gives you all the images I shoot for one flat fee.  This is by far the more cost-effective approach if you want more than just a few images.  In the chart below, you can see that the Flat Fee Buyout option costs much less, per-image, than the “See Before You Buy” option.  Also, because the number of images I provide may be greater than the minimum guaranteed number, the cost per image can be even lower.  

See Before You Buy

If you know in advance that you only need a few images, or if you wish to see finished images before you commit your resources, you may choose the “See Before You Buy” option for any of the shooting packages.  There are minimum purchase requirements for this option, listed in the chart below.  If you choose this option, you will be invoiced a $500 per day shooting fee immediately following the photo shoot.  HOWEVER, 100% of that shooting fee will be applied to your image purchase if you make your image selections within 45 days of my posting your images for review.  

NOTE: For all three shooting packages, an estimated travel expense invoice will be presented in advance and will be payable when I arrive for the photo shoot. If there are changes, such as added shooting days that require additional hotel nights or additional meals, those will be invoiced after the shoot.  Photo-PackagesModPhoto-PackagesMod


Example 1: You choose the Signature Package, and the See Before You Buy purchase option.  I will invoice you for estimated travel expenses prior to the shoot, and payment will be due upon my arrival at your club.  After the shoot, I will invoice you $500 per day for the actual photo shoot.  I will process your images and post them on my photo web site for you to review and make your image selections.  Assuming I complete the shoot in a day (2 shooting sessions), and you purchase only the minimum of 4 images, your total image purchase will be $1400, with the $500 shooting fee applying directly to that amount.  Your total cost will be $1400 plus travel expenses.  Your per-image cost for the three images is $350.

Example 2: You choose the Signature Package and the Flat Fee Buyout purchase option.  I will invoice you for estimated travel expenses prior to the shoot, and payment will be due upon my arrival at your club.  After the photo shoot, I will process your images (a minimum of 20), post them for review, and make them available for download in both high resolution and web ready formats.  You will be invoiced the Signature Package price of $2400 for the images.  Your per-image cost is $120 or less per image.

For more information, call me at 678.362.5592 or EMAIL ME at your convenience.



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