First Impressions Matter

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No Matter What You’re Selling, First Impressions Matter!

Crooked Stick Golf Club, Carmel, IndianaNot too long ago, I did something I’ve intended to do for a long time.  I hired a professional photographer.  Bizarre, right?  But there’s a reason.  I needed a great head shot, and I don’t do people.  I photograph golf courses and landscapes.  So when a close friend told me her buddy, Bjoern Kommerell (a Los Angeles photographer who specializes in A-list actors and celebs) was coming to Atlanta, I booked a photo shoot with him.  And from the responses I’ve received, the investment in time and money may well be one of my best decisions this year.

At first glance, having a new head shot done may seem vain, but I believe that having the best marketing materials possible is important to my business.  And that’s also true for golf courses, resorts and golf communities all over the world. It’s surprising how many quality golf clubs use second rate images in their marketing materials!  In a very competitive golf and resort market, it’s good business to present your property in the best way possible.  Golfers looking for courses to play, resorts to visit, clubs to join, or communities in which to live do their initial searching on the internet, in magazines, books, brochures and on television.  And their first impressions are a result of… you guessed it… the photographs they see.

There are clubs… and I shoot some of them… that simply aren’t interested in marketing themselves.  They’re so highly regarded, so well known in certain circles, that they have no need to promote themselves.  And good for them!  (Fortunately, they have other needs for photos... tee gifts, awards, retail items, etc... so all is well in photo-land!)  But the vast majority of clubs are competing every day for members, for residents and for players.  Professional images... and the great first impressions they give... can make the difference between success and failure of a marketing program.

Heritage Golf Links, Tucker, GA
If the perceived cost of hiring a professional golf course photographer is an obstacle, I would submit that business lost due to poor marketing materials is an even greater cost.  Another problem clubs face… and one that can be tricky to deal with… occurs when a well-meaning member offers to photograph your property, explaining that his great new 24 megapixel camera is as good as what the pros use!  But the truth is, the most important piece of equipment any photographer works with resides between his ears.  Great equipment is available to everyone these days, but the ability to create great images is not.  Professionals will always have the edge because we are shooting all the time, and we’re constantly working to improve our skill sets.  We’re also aware of market trends, and are better equipped to provide images with that special “Wow” factor.

Remember, first impressions matter.  Spend a little time looking over your image library.  First ask yourself, “Are the images of my club current, or have there been any changes since they were taken?”  Second, and most importantly, “Is there a ‘Wow!’ factor to my images?  Or are they just pictures of golf holes?”  If the photos are not current, or if they’re missing that ‘Wow!’ factor, it’s time to call a pro.  If I’m the pro you call, you’ll find that I provide quality images that will get your course the attention it deserves, and costs are much lower than you may think.  In fact, I have some new shooting package options (See Below) that make professional images very affordable.  So EMAIL ME today, or call me at 678.362.5592, to find out how easy and affordable it is to present your club to the world in it’s best possible light!


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