The Workspace Matters!

May 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I originally built my Atlanta studio in the basement of our home in 1986, when I was focused on music and audio production.  I had walked away from a performing career as a singer, but was determined to move ahead with songwriting and studio production.  I had a wonderful control room/recording space designed by Les Duncan, a friend who was a well known Atlanta design engineer and spent several months building out the space.  I then spent the next 14 years writing and producing audio for business.  I produced everything from broadcast advertising to on-hold messages to a service I developed for the trade show industry, called Audio Billboard.  I lost count along the way, but I produced several thousand short-form ads for companies of all sizes during the years that Audio Billboard was thriving, and traveled to up to 30 major trade shows a year, coast to coast.  But then, life being full of surprises, I had an auto accident which damaged my ears and I could no longer consistently trust my ears.  I still have moments when they work fine and I have maintained two old friends/clients for whom I produce large projects each year, but I had to walk away from day to day audio production.

And that's how I came to photography.  It was a fairly twisted path to get here, but I finally discovered this love of mine and have been thrilled with the acceptance I've received as a photographer and the success I'm enjoying as the years move along. 

The problem, though, was that I'd been working for years in my old recording studio, complete with a variety of remnants of those days of audio production, and the work space was just a cluttered mess.  Piles of stuff everywhere, most of which had nothing to do with my current work.  Enter the very late Spring this year that gifted me with some extra time in Atlanta, waiting for several courses to fully green up so I could get back to shooting.  I decided to redo the studio and make it a work space that inspires me, and one I look forward to spending time in each day.  Here's what I now have the pleasure of working in when I'm in Atlanta.  Life is good!

My newly revamped studio workspaceThe Newly-Revamped StudioComing to work every day is a treat!



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