Faces of China

December 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Zhong HuaZhong HuaZhong Hua works in the hotel at Yishan Golf Club. She's an excellent golfer, and a completely sweet and charming girl. She helped me immensely with translations, and we became good friends during my stay at Yishan. I seldom photograph people.  I'm not sure why, because when I do I enjoy doing it.  But I feel a bit like an intruder when I stick a camera in someone's face.

That being said, during my October trip to China there were too many wonderful faces to photograph, and I got some great images.  Some... like the portrait of Shu Yang, Deputy GM of Yishan Golf Club and two I shot of Zhong Hua, the young lady to the left, who worked in the hotel at Yishan Golf Club and came to my rescue numerous times as I attempted to communicate with her friends and coworkers... are thoughtful portraits of people I developed a genuine affection for.  Others... especially the ones of laborers on the golf course at Yinhong No. 6... were more like street photography, only without the street.

Anyway, I enjoyed taking these pictures immensely, and I hope you find them at least a little interesting!

You can see the entire gallery HERE.


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