First Published Images in Indiana

February 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

In August, my wife and I moved across country, from Herriman, Utah to Indianapolis.  I love Utah more than I can say... wait, I guess I just said it!  Our year in the state was great for my photography business.  During that year, I shot 17 golf courses, plus 23 of the Utah's 43 state parks

In addition to business, though, Utah offered a huge bonus of creative photographic possibilities everywhere we traveled in the state, it was one OMG moment after another.  The views are so dramatic all over the state that putting my camera away was sometimes the biggest challenge.  Consequently, the move to Indiana has required a creative adjustment.  


We like the city.  Indianapolis has everything we need.  The people are great, we've found some unique and wonderful restaurants, and It's incredibly easy to get around.  I also believe I'll do well with my golf course photography business in the region.  But scenic beauty is a bit tougher to come by.  

After a few months of withdrawal from my addiction to the gorgeous landscapes of Utah, I began getting out to look for new photo opportunities late in the Fall.  These images were taken in Benjamin Harrison State Park, just outside Indy.  A little change is perspective from massive vistas to more intimate opportunities was necessary, but I believe I'll be okay, after all!  :)


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